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About KARP 구분선 History

History of The Korean Association for Radiation Protection

년도구분 이미지

The 3rd Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (박찬일)

The 1st iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology AwardM (이원호, Korea University)

The 6th Young Investigator Prize (하위호, KIRAMS)

The 2nd ISORD Award (한민철, Hanyang University)

Feb. 23 - 24
Winter Workshop
1) Practice for the evaluation of the environmental
    impact of radiation based on regulations
2) KOLAS accreditation to secure reliability of radiation /
    performance measurement field
Research Project (10 months)
Project Name: Evaluation of National Radiation Doses according to
Medical Radiation Use
Client: Department of Disease Control
Research Project (10 months)
Project Name: Development of patient CT radiation exposure dose
evaluation program
Client: Department of Disease Control
Apr. 12 ~ 14
Spring Conference & Symposium
Subject: Recent Issues of Radiological Protection at International Level
Research Assignment (6 months)
Project Name: Study on the establishment of comprehensive plan for
radiation protection in the second living area
Client: Korea Nuclear Safety Institute
Aug. 24 ~ 25
Summer Workshop
Theme: Domestic and Foreign Status for Safe Dismantling of
Nuclear Facilities from the Viewpoint of Radiation Protection
Aug. 24
Young Scientist Group launch ceremony
The group consists of five groups
National Library of Medicine (NLM), International
Nuclear Information System of IAEA Completion of establishment of
linkage with main related academic DB
년도구분 이미지
Mar. 01
Established the Institute of Radiation Safety Culture
(Research Director: 이재기, Professor Emeritus, Hanyang University)
Apr. 22~23
Spring Conference & Symposium (Daemyung Resort)
Topic : Human influence of tritium
May. 14
14th IRPA Conference and General Meeting (Cape Town, South Africa)
 IRPA-15 Preparation Chairperson and 30 others attended
Aug. 25~26
Summer Workshop
1) Enhance communication with the field by introducing the
comprehensive development direction of radiation safety regulation
and domestic and international regulations
2) Radioactive evaluation and safety issues
Nov. 29~Dec. 01
Fall Conference and 40th Annual General Meeting
(Jeju Phoenix Island)
1) Radiation safety issues and communication
2) Radioactive safety management in food

The next president: 박우윤(Chungbuk National University Hospital)​

The 5th Young Investigator Prize (민철희, Yonsei University)

The 1st ISORD Award (노성진, Southeast Nuclear Power Academy)

년도구분 이미지
Feb. 05~06
Winter Workshop
1) Effects of low dose radiation on human body
2) Radiation Safety Issues in the Medical Sector
Apr. 22~23
Spring Conference & Symposium (Yeosu)
Topic: radiation safety advancement
Sep. 24
Thyroid cancer report presentation session
Co-host: Korean Nuclear Society, Korean Radiation Protection Association
Theme: "Scientific Analysis of Residents and Thyroid Cancers around
Nuclear Power Plant"
Oct. 20~22
Third ICRP Symposium (ICRP2015), Seoul
Event Name: 3rd International Symposium on the System of
                      Radiological Protection
Topic: radiation protection ethics
Oct. 23
Fall Conference & 39th Annual Meeting
Topic: The 3rd Radiation Safety Management in Foods

The 2nd Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (이명철)

The 2th Young Investigator Prize (박종민, SNUH)

년도구분 이미지
Feb. 27~28
Winter Workshop
1) Monte Carlo method and application
2) Regulation of radiation safety in daily supplies
Apr. 01
Special Workshop for 3rd Anniversary of Fukushima accident
(Cosponsor: KAERI, KARP)
Apr. 23~25
Spring Conference & Symposium
Topic: The advent of Korean large accelerator
Aug. 27~28
Nuclear Association Symposium
1) Role and vision of nuclear association
2) Current and future of nuclear technology
Nov. 19~21
Fall Conference & The 38th Annual Meeting
Topic: International trend of ICRP

The next president: 임영기(Gachon University​)

The 3rd Young Investigator Prize (김정인, KHNP)

Changing Journal Title (Journal of Radiation Protection and Research)

Homepage Reconstruction

년도구분 이미지
Feb. 27~28
Winter Workshop
1) FLUKA training
2) Monte Carlo basic and radiological application
Apr. 24~26
Spring Conference & Symposium
Topic : Message of the Fukushima accident after 2 years
Aug. 27~28
International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
The 1st Asian Workshop on Ethics in Radiation Protection
Nov. 20~22
Fall Conference & The 37th Annual Meeting
Topic: Ethics of Radiation Protection

The 1st Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (권석근)

The 2nd Young Investigator Prize (서희, KAERI)

Apply the Journal DOI (Volume 38, Issue 4, DEC, 2013)

년도구분 이미지
Mar. 26
Special Workshop for 1st Anniversary of Fukushima accident
(Cosponsor: Korea Science Journalists Association)
Apr. 19~20
Spring Conference & Symposium
Topic: Environmental Radiation Safety (생활방사선? 환경방사선?)
May. 15
Korean Night (Scotland, UK)
May. 30
The disbanding ceremony for attracting ICRP15
Jul. 17
Operating Nuclear Association
Operation Director: 최호신
Aug. 23~24
Summer Workshop
Topic: Environmental Radiation Safety
Oct. 31~Nov. 01
World Nuclear & Radiation Expo “Radiation Safety Class”
Nov. 28~30
Fall Conference & 36th Annual Meeting
The next president: 김일한 (SNUH)
Topic: LNT model

The 1st Young Investigator Prize (한은옥, KANS)

년도구분 이미지
Apr. 06
An Urgent Panel Discussion “Domestic radiation effect caused by Fukushima’s nuclear plant accident”
Apr. 21~22
Spring Conference & Symposium & ICRP MC Meeting
Topic: Recent Activities of ICRP
May. 27~29
IRPA EC Meeting
Technical Review Project
A study for advancing the radiation exposure assessment of nuclear plant worker
Aug. 25~26
Summer Workshop
Topic: The fact of Fukushima’s nuclear plant accident
Nov. 17~18
Fall Conference & 35th Annual Meeting
Topic: International recommendations and guidelines about emergency radiation protection
Nov. 21
An Urgent Information Session ‘The detection of radioactive materials at Nowon-gu, Seoul’
Topic: It will not impact on the human body?
년도구분 이미지
Jan. 28
Winter Workshop Transportation of radioactive material
Apr. 21
Spring Workshop The 14th Workshop for radiation exposure assessment
Apr. 22~23
Spring Conference & Symposium Topic: Nuclear Plant Export
Jun. 24~25
Summer Workshop : Technical working group on radiation shielding
Nov. 21
Fall Workshop Asian and Oceanic Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture
Nov. 22~23
Fall Conference & 34th Annual Meeting
The next president: 최호신 (KINS)
Topic: Radiation Source Security

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