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for Radiation Protection

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About KARP 구분선 Members


직책(영문) 성명(영문) 소속(영문)
President Kim Kyo Youn Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Auditor Jin Hyoung Hey Law Firm GL
Auditor Lee Rena Korea Hydro & Nuclear power Co., Ltd.
Vice President Kang Keon Wook Seoul National University Hospital
Vice President Chang Jai Kwon Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Vice President Kim Chan Hyeong Hanyang University
Vice President Lee Hee Seock Pohang University of Science & Technology
Vice President Chie Eui Kyu Seoul National University Hospital
General Secretary Song Si Yeol ASAN Medical Center
General Secretary Shin Chang Ho Hanyang University
Treasurer Lee Hee Hwan Korea Hydro & Nuclear power Co., Ltd.
Treasurer Kim Soon Young RADCORE Co., Ltd.
Editor Do Kyung-Hyun ASAN Medical Center
Editor Min Chul Hee Yonsei University
Director of Science LE Cheol-woo Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Director of Science Lee Wonho Korea University
Director of Science Kim Heereyoung UNIST
Director of International Relations Seo Hee Jeonbuk National University
Director of International Relations Kim Jin Sung Yonsei University Hospital
Director of Future Planning LE Jinwoo Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Director of Future Planning Chung Yoonsun Hanyang University
Director of Medicine Jin Young Woo Korea Institute of Radiological Medical Sciences
Director of Medicine Lee Joo Hwan The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent's Hospital
Director of Cooperation Ha Jangho Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Director of Cooperation Park Tai Jin Korean Association for Radiation Application
Director of Cooperation Jeong Meeseon Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.
Director of Cooperation Han Eunok Korea Academy of Nuclear Safety

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