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About KARP 구분선 Greetings from President

Greetings from the 23rd President,
Kyo-Youn Kim, Ph.D

Dear KARP members,

The KARP, founded in 1975, has grown a leading academic organization with 2000 members, representing the radiation sector in Korea.

Radiation has been a fundamental element of the cosmic environment, long before the first emergence of life forms on Earth.

Since Antoine Henri Becquerel discovered radiation in 1896, it has improved quality of life through medical diagnosis and treatment and contributed to industrial development. For the past 43 years, the KARP has been working in the fields of radiation protection, radiation measurement, radiation environment, radiation prevention, radiation medicine, and radiation epidemiology. While serving as the 23rd president of the Society, I would like to contribute to the development of the society as follows.

First, improvement on the society system

Past practices may need changes in some circumstances. In order to develop a society where young scientists can participate and contribute, it is important to build the system that caters for both senior and junior members.

Second, improvement on the journal

I will strengthen cooperation with the Japan Health Physics Society (JHPS) and the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS), who participated in the editing of Journal of Radiation Protection and Research (JRPR) in order to make JRPR the best journal in radiation protection.

Third, cooperation and communication

I will expand our regular workshops with related societies to create academic synergies through interdisciplinary communication and cooperation between medicine and science. In addition, while independent from sectarian interests, we will actively make academic arguments based on scientific facts.

Fourth, a network for the young generation

I will support strengthening exchanges between young scientists at home and abroad.

Fifth, internationalization

I look forward to the success of the IRPA-15 in May 2020.
I will support the development of the ISORD-10 International Conference in Busan in 2021 to become a world convention beyond Asia. I will try to hold international conferences and exchange internationally in order to exchange academic information and strengthen human network in Korea.

To achieve this goal, I will do my best.
I look forward to your active cooperation and encouragement.


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